About Longfri

May 31, 2016

cropped-logo.jpgLongfri Technologies Co., Ltd, located in southern California, was founded by two friends in 2011. The two founders recognized the growing needs for protective products worldwide and the superior performance of polyethylene fibers as the base materials for ballistic armors. Longfri was established as a manufacturer of ballistic armors, using polyethylene fibers produced by a sister company owned by one of the founders, for both military & law enforcement level and nongovernmental personal safety level.

The founders named the company Longfri (as “Long friend, without the end”) to express not only their wishes to strengthen their friendship as time goes by, but also their desire that the company will build long-lasting business relationship with its customers.

At Longfri, we offer a wide range of military & police and nongovernmental safety protection supplies including, but are not limited to, PE armor plates, body armor, ballistic helmet, and ballistic shield. Longfri strives to offer the highest quality products at the lower cost and the best customer service. We are here to help whenever our customers need assistance with product information, sizing, or special order.

Take a moment to browse our products and let us know how Longfri can serve your protective needs!

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