Full-body Protection

May 28, 2016

Longfri full projection bulletproof vest provides extensive protection for the whole body with great design features.

  • Made with PE fabrics
  • Tested under the NIJ 0101.06 level IIIA standard; Capable of stopping .44 Magnum bullet and .357 bullet with maximum backface deformation of 44mm
  • Light-weight ergonomic design reduces body load and fits closely while allowing unrestricted physical activities
  • Plate pockets inside the vest
  • Optional additional plates to increase bulletproof level
  • Adjustable closure to fit wide range of body sizes
  • Bulletproof panels are composed of UHMWPE bulletproof material with great weatherability
  • Functional high strength nylon coated jacket featuring fire-resistant and water-resistant
  • Easy maintenance with detachable bulletproof panel

Available in stock now: vest in black, sizes XL and XXL (fit typical body size from M to XXL). Other sizes and color may be available to order.