Ballistic Helmet

May 22, 2016

Longfri light-weighted bulletproof helmet, made with PE fiber, meets NIJ Level IIIA standard and is designed to protect against fragments and ballistic threats.

  • Light-weighted, less than 1.4kg or 3.1lbs
  • Ergonomic design of the internal harness provides ultimate comfort
  • Improved four-point retention system and sling suspension system for added comfort and stability
  • Ballistic performance tested at NIJ Level IIIA
  • Longfri Ballistic Helmet protects against:
    • .44 mag and 9mm bullets
    • Fragmentation ranges from V50 of 500-700m/s

Size: L 22.4 – 23.6″

Compatible with Vigard™ Ballistic Visor.

Helmets available to order